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Jewellery Repair Service

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We offer a full repairs service for any item sold by us. If you have managed to lose a stone or have broken an item of jewellery we can repair it even if we have discontinued it from our range.

How do I have an item repaired or resized

To have an item repaired or resized we ask that you send it to us by special delivery for an inspection. One of our highly skilled craftsmen will inspect the item and establish the best way to repair or resize it. Upon inspection they will contact you with an exact price for the work.

Typically the following charges apply but may be different to every item as no job is the same.

Resize down a ring £10
Resize a ring up 1-4 sizes £10
Resize a ring up more than 4 sizes in silver £20
Resize a ring up more than 4 sizes in 9ct gold £35 (this is subject to that days bullion price)
Repair a chain £5
Replace a lost stone £10

Return postage fees will also apply this will be applicable if they can't repair of if you do not wish to go ahead with our service for whatever reason. At present this is £5-50

Rhodium / Platinum Replating Service

If you have an item where the gold, silver or platinum plate has worn off we offer a full replating and guilding service. If you also wish to have an item changed from a silver to gold finish or from gold to platinum we can do it.

Prices typically are

£10 gold plate (9ct, 18ct or 24ct finishes)
£20 rhodium (platinum) finish

This service will also be charged with a £5-50 return postage fee even if we do not carry out the work. Our rhodium is pure rhodium and not dilute as per many high street jewellers.

New butterfly backs

If you have lost a butterfly back for your earrings we can supply them in a rhodium plated sterling silver they are £3 a pair and are sent with free standard postage. Just send us a postal order or cheque made payable to iLuvm and we will send you a pair by return post. Please do not use the universal foam filled backs they can damage the delicate posts our earrings have and weaken gold and platinum.

Replacement Snake Chains

The nature of snake chains is that they can kink and sometimes break. If you require a replacement we sell these at a competitive rate of:

£15 for a 16" chain
£18 for an 18" chain
£21 for a 20" chain

Please send a cheque or postal order to iLuvm and we will send with free return post

Where do I send my repair to?

Please send to us including all requirements, an initial cheque for £5-50 to cover return post our craftsman will ring you for payment for any work required before they start. Please make sure you enclose the following items:

The item to be repaired
The return address
Payment (made payable to iLuvm)
Any stones that have come out and need re-setting

How long will my repair ?

The repair can take up to 28 days depending on if we send it back to the factory that made it, if we require any stones or metal to be ordered for the works to be done and also depends on how busy we are. Naturally Christmas, Valentines and also the wedding season can mean our craftsmen are very busy. If you need a progress report at any time please email us or ring 01708 402581 for an update at any time. If the repair is needed for a special event please let us know so we can do our best to get it done in time.

Where do I send my repair?

Please send it to our head office.
Repairs Department
iLuvm Ltd
Harlequin House
North Road
Essex RM15 6AZ

We strongly suggest that you use an insured and signed for postal method. If you wish to bring to us in person you must make an appointment to do so we will not open our doors to anyone without an appointment.